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A welcoming and stimulating fragrance ideally situated in a place to commune and share social moments. Elements for uplift, focus, warmth, conversation. 

This candle is Toxin Free, Cruelty Free and Responsibly Packaged. It is held within a beautiful 12-oz. stemless wine glass, emblazoned with the 'DP Seeing Eye' monogram. The candle has a hand-painted wick, with the wax and essential oils  produced in the USA. Burn time 50-60 hours.

Product Care

The first time you burn your candle, burn for at least 3 hours. The candle may get hot during long burning times, so please take care when moving the vessel. Trim the wick to 1/4" between burning.

Key ingredients & effects:

   Cashmere wood (communication)
   Vetiver (calms solar plexus)
   Patchouli (calms root chakra)
   Sequoia bark (mental focus)
   Sandalwood (balances third eye)
   Myrrh (spiritual awareness)
  Fir balsam (breath, healing)

With accents of:

    Coriander (opens heart)

   Pink Pepper (alertness, stamina)
   Vanilla (calms throat)

   Cardamom (awakens sacral)

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